Bill began developing his approach to song and recording in 1986. “Fewer People More Trees” collects solo and collaborative recordings from between 1991 and 1995. Bill recorded his first solo album, “The Bathroom Mirror,” in 1997 on a portable Walkman recorder. “Tangerine,” also released in 1997, collected a number of 4-track recordings of songs from between 1989 and 1994 almost exclusively unused in other collaborations and never played live. There is no better home-taped, 4-track cassette album than 1998’s “The Duck Hunter.” “Building St. Petersburg,” recorded in 1999, has been likened to a series short films in song form. A sympathetic editor compiled “Seventeen Miles Past Indio” from Bill’s catalogue and archives in 2003. The ten songs on 2004’s “Chevy w/Balding Tires” concentrated every musical and lyrical technique Bill had developed in the preceding years into a single document. Bill originally intended “On Every Step of Our Stair” to be the final song on “Chevy” but it took too long to finish, reaching completion in 2005. “Begging Bowl” collected seven songs written in Dakar, Lyon, and California and recorded in 2007. One day’s recording in 2009 produced “Adieu, False Heart,” songs for which were written over the two years prior. Bill performed songs from his work-in-progress at a house concert at Gopher Preserve, San Diego, in February, 2014. Recording proceeds apace as of June, 2014. A preliminary mix of the most recently completed track is available above.