New Record, “The Bliss-Chasers,” and How Best to Hear It

My most recent collection of songs, called “The Bliss-Chasers,” is now available. I’ve been working up to this finished piece since 2007. I am very pleased I did not rush it.

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  • Spotify (stream)

I am happy if anyone hears and enjoys my music, but I would encourage you to enjoy it through Bandcamp. There are two reasons.

First, I looked back at all the ways I’ve made my music available to people, and the one that brought me and other people the most happiness is when, beginning with “The Bathroom Mirror,” I made photocopied booklets to go with the cassette and, later, CD, and put them both in a properly-sized ziplock bag. It fit my budget at, made by hand, had a feeling to it that was good. It was a labor of love, very genuinely.

For “The Bliss-Chasers,” I typed up the booklet, assembled it, added a little bit of public domain artwork, photocopied it, stapled it into a booklet, and then added the cassette or CD.

Listening to the music while holding the booklet in hand, reading the words and the text interspersed between songs is the real experience. You won’t get that just by streaming the audio.

I wrote in the piece about “Funeral Hymns and Outlaw Ballads” that I had two “hit by a bus” projects I wanted to complete: projects that I wanted to get done so I could have something to point to and say, “this is the best I had to offer in this life.” “The Bliss-Chasers” is the second of the two, the more important to me, and the most from my heart.

Compilation, “Funeral Hymns and Outlaw Ballads”

Funeral Hymns and Outlaw Ballads,” 23 songs recorded between 1994 and 2012, is now available.

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For a number of reasons, I have wanted in the last few years to have a single document of what I do as a musician. I wanted something that filled four sides without a weak moment and, at the same time, documented the variety of what I do.

I’m now 46, and while I’m not obsessed with mortality, I have a much greater sense of it than when I first put something out with my name on it at 22 years old. My feeling is that I have to approach things as if I may get hit by a bus any day: there’s not always going to be a next record to get it right this time.

This is one of two “potentially get hit by a bus” projects I’ve been slowly, too slowly, working through over the last years. With this, I have absolutely no compunction pointing to the record–digital in form only at this point, admittedly–and saying: “this is what I did in this life.”

The second of the projects is a record of new stuff. Not entirely new, I will admit, as three tunes that for a while were available on “Adieu, False Heart”, now reduced from its original 11-song size to 6, will be on it. That record was cut, solo, in one day. Nicely done, but in hindsight I became certain that I could do its best tunes better. One of them, “Making Money and Taking Life,” ended up on “Funeral Hymns,” in a version I cut to 4-track cassette in 2012. The others will be on this next record.

I imagine the new thing will be finished in a couple months. I want to record a pair of solo things for it, and then mix the whole thing right. My sister will, as she so often has, do a cover painting for it, and that’s in progress. So, maybe three months, maybe four, but definitely not six. Honestly, I’d have had the two solo things cut over the last few weeks if it wasn’t for this nasty cold that felled me.

Enjoy the music. I listened to the comp many times over as I was preparing it. I am very proud. Maybe I’ve done other good things in this life, certainly I have along with mistakes, but I have always felt that the best I have had to give has been my music. Everybody is good at something, and that is what I am really good at.